Introducing Jaguar's first all-electric performance SUV

I-PACE is a Jaguar above all else – a true driver’s car. Its electric motors and near perfect weight distribution deliver instant torque and sports car agility.

Featuring an elegant, highly aerodynamic design with a low drag coefficient, I‑PACE has been created to provide efficiency by slicing cleanly through the air for maximum range and stability. I-PACE offers excitement from every angle thanks to its flowing waistline, dramatic bonnet scoop and signature rear haunches.

I-PACE’s 90kWh battery is made up of high energy density lithium-ion pouch cells. Its design and state-of-the-art thermal management system supports longevity and periods of sustained maximum power. With two charging cables included, I-PACE can be charged either at home or at an ever-growing number of public charging points.

There are five full seats, innovative storage, a substantial rear loadspace of over 1.453 litres and 27 litres in the front storage compartment.

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Charging2021 Jaguar I-Pace

Charging I-PACE is convenient and safe. This means you can top up the battery whenever you wish, to ensure your car’s ready for when you need it. It’s completely safe to charge the car in the rain or even when parked in snow as the charging system is entirely self-contained. On longer journeys, you may need a quick top-up of your battery’s charge to complete your trip. DC rapid chargers are the best way to deliver this – a typical 50kW charger can deliver up to 249km (154 miles) of range per hour*.

Technology2021 Jaguar I-Pace

Delivering a wealth of information and entertainment, every I-PACE is equipped with Pivi Pro, our simplest and most intuitive infotainment system ever. It features an at-a-glance layout that enables you to carry out frequent tasks and use commonly accessed features on the home screen, including navigation, phone and media. You can easily customise the layout and add additional information or features.

Design2021 Jaguar I-Pace

The bold grille curves inwards – reducing drag by channelling air through the bonnet scoop and out, where it passes over a roofline that is curved for maximum efficiency. The roof itself is available in body colour, black contrast paint or panoramic glass. Ensuring that airflow passes smoothly around the entire exterior, integrated deployable door handles sit flush with the car’s sides.